Tell us what you thought!!

We are dying to hear your opinions about Terra Incognita. Leave your comments below!

Installation photo by Katherine Butler

4 thoughts on “Tell us what you thought!!

  1. I couldn’t make it for the opening, but I have been to the gallery to check it out. Great work, really interesting high quality work. I think what you guys are doing with the gallery and the new blog is awesome. Really impressed with everything. Props to Mr. Powers and Mr. Fields.

  2. John Powers has captured the wind. I absolutely loved this exhibit. I had viewed video of these works, but the videos did not prepare me for the complete sensory charge I received while standing in the presence of these works. Not only are they visually stimulating, the sounds evoke memories of peaceful adventures, which in turn, took me on an emotional retreat.

  3. As always, John’s work looked amazing and I could sit and watch for hours! But I am really impressed with how well John Fields put together this show! Everything looked fantastic and so glad to see such an impressive turn out! I am excited to see so many new and successful changes happening with the gallery, such as the promotional videos and blog. Can’t wait for the next opening!

  4. I was mesmerized! A fun opening with a great turn out! Power’s works evoked feelings of my growing up on the water, the movement of his pieces reminded me of seaoats blowing in the wind. The sound of the machinery and wood together lended even more to the nostalgic feel. It would be a great atmosphere in which to do yoga! I was VERY impressed. Fields did an amazing job, and I must say, the wine and food were outstanding! Thanks for a great experience! Kudos!

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